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    Bury 0 Oldham 1. Hello League Two. Can we come back in?

    by The Boy Holty

    I was looking back at some of the blogs I'd written over the 5 years I've been running this site and came across this promotion blog in which I describe my hope that we never end up having to play shite like Morecambe, Barnet and Southend ever again.

    Sadly, less than two years later and I'm consulting my map book to see exactly how the fuck to get to Wimbledon.

    This was always going to be a big game as Oldham were looking for the points to get them out of relegation troubles whilst Bury's fate has been fairly inevitable for a few weeks now.

    That said we played fairly well in the first half, one or two chances came our way but typically we had no finishing ability in the squad. If we'd had a Ryan Lowe in our team this season we'd be nowhere near the bottom four.

    In the second half, it was more even as Oldham came back into the game more. That said, they had very few chances until a cross was headed in with 11 minutes remaining. Cue pandemonium in the Manny Road End, a bit of agro in the home end and a few minutes later, the whistle was blown and it was game over. Bury were relegated.

    At the end we were down to ten men. Well technically there were eleven, but one of them was David Healy, so we might as well have been. There cannot be a more useless player that I have ever seen in Bury colours and after 25 years watching this club I have sat and watched the likes of Mark Kearney, Nigel Smith and Lee Anderson. Healy is worse than all these.

    It was a sad end to a bloody awful season, but the relegation to league two has been overshadowed by the recent revelations of a financial crisis that it has been exaggeratedly claimed could see the club go out of business.

    The most shocking feature of the day was the fact that between 500 and 1000 Oldham fans, each with twenty pound notes in their pockets that should have been going into Bury's coffers, were turned away because the away end was full. Firstly it wasn't full - there were easily 100-200 empty seats clearly visible. Secondly it is a real howler on behalf of the club, partly that we've not realised that Oldham might bring more than 2000 fans, and also that we weren't able to deal with the situation at the time. It isn't like the whole ground was full. The South Stand and Cemy End were probably about 10% occupied and it seems like it would have been fairly easy to move a few people about, re-assign a few stewards and police and avoid damaging the finances and reputation of the club. All in all its a bloody shambles.

    So we're down and we deserve it. Of course everyone's laughing at us and we can let them, it doesn't change anything. Its league two for us next season and there is not a possibility in the world that Bury FC will go out of business anytime soon so as long as we avoid administration and start next season on zero points, I'll take that. Onwards and upwards, let's raise a glass to Rochdale away, days out at Morecambe and Fleetwood and just get on with it.