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  • Bury 3 Coventry City 1: Mozika shows em how its done

    by The Boy Holty

    Its hard to decide what was best about tonight. Was it the lovely new scoreboard which coped admirably with the deluge of Shakers goals? Was it the shiny new urinals in the gents which coped admirably with the deluge of wee? Was it the fantastic Shakers who handled Championship side Coventry City and made them look a bit gay? Well actually yes, it was the latter, but that's not to take anything away from the first two items.

    From the start the scene was set. Coventry clearly had a lot of ability and if Bury had allowed them to show it, they would have been more than capable of wiping the floor with us. On one or two occasions, they split us open with a few quick passes and a smart save from Cameron Belford kept the score at nil nil. Bury however, were showing that hard work, organisation and team spirit can overcome such obstacles.

    In fact Coventry did score first, Roy O'Donovan making the most of a defensive mix up and finishing from a couple of inches out but Bury were back in it seven minutes later when following a break into the box (and a suspicion of offside), the ball broke from Ryan Lowe to Andy Bishop who calmly slotted home from six yards to square things up.

    The only downers of the first half were injuries to Steven Schumacher and Mozika who had been playing like his life depended on it. Mozika at least managed to limp back on for the last 30 seconds of the first half and then was magically healed during the interval.

    At the start of the second half, Bury started well but then Coventry came back into it having a lot of attacking play. Bury eventualy took the lead on 75 minutes when Ryan Lowe slotted home from close range then with two minutes remaining fired home after the keeper spilled a shot.

    So it finished 3-1 and could have been more. Their keeper pulled off three magnificent saves from Mozika, Mike Jones and Bishop but until Lowe's first, it really could have gone either way.

    Damien Mozika was by far the best player on the field, Belford is looking like he could be the best keeper in league one this season just as he was the best in league two last time round. There was also a start for Andrei Jones, and 84 minutes on the field for Bishop who looked a bit low on confidence despite his goal but as the game went on he really got into it and was unlucky not to score a second.

    All in all its a very good result against a decent looking side who didn't really get to play football, we just didn't let them.