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    A Ray of Light for Bury FC

    by The Boy Holty

    Following the shocking and somewhat sketchy announcement that Bury FC needed a million pounds to survive the next few days, the club have since announced that they have been in positive discussions with potential investors.

    This can only be good news but the fans remain unhappy and major questions remain unanswered. Here's a few:

    Is this million pounds required to pay off some debts? If so, then who do we owe the money to? If not then what is the money needed for? Is it just to get us through the summer and to avoid administration and the potentially crippling ten points deduction that would go with it?

    Why has administration not been suggested by the club? Surely this is a precursor to a club going out of business. The lack of a mention of the usually dreaded A word raises the issue of whether the club is in as critical a position as has been suggested.

    How has the club gone from a profit-making position (£48,000 profit in the previous year) to needing £1,000,000 just to remain afloat? Who has let this happen?

    Why was the severe financial situation at the club not mentioned at the public meeting last week?

    The board and Brian Fenton (pictured) are going to have to come clean and answer a lot of questions truthfully if they want to alleviate the backlash from supporters.

    Its still not clear whether we will have a club to support next season, but hope remains that they will be okay. I personally think that this has been blown out of all proportion but it remains to be seen whether I am right.