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  • End of Days for the Shakers?

    by The Boy Holty

    It looks like the Shakers are going bust unless some wealthy idiot stumps up a million pounds.

    It has been announced that Bury FC need a million to survive or the club will cease to exist 'within days'. I don't see it as being very likely that they will raise the money. No-one except a few hardly souls have given much of a toss about supporting Bury for years so if they can find ten people to put a hundred grand each into the club then It'll be a bloody miracle and here's why:

    1. The club say it is money that will be guanranteed a return. I doubt anyone with any level of business sense will believe this for a minute.

    2. The man in charge is Brian Fenton, a successful businessman by all accounts but one who has allowed this situation to develop at Bury, so I can't see anyone putting their trust in him enough to part with £100k ot be held in his care.

    Its a great shame and I'd be really surprised if we came out of it smiling.

    Last time this happened, we managed to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds. The difference is that back then, we were one of the first clubs to enter administration and people felt sorry for us. The football supporting public of Britain and beyond rallied round and helped us out because we were unwilling or unable to help ourselves out of the mess. This time its nothing new. Plenty of clubs had been in administration, a few have closed down and no-one will bat an eye at it happening to Bury.

    How on earth was this situation allowed to develop? Did the club learn nothing from the last period of administration? How incompetent must the chairman and the decision makers at Gigg Lane actually be?

    People will say that its a sad day for football if two times FA Cup winners and founder members of the football league Bury go out of business, but that's not true. It will be a sad day for Bury fans and nothing else. No one will care.

    Sky Sports break the news