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    Joe Skarz joins Rotherham on loan. WTF Blackwell?

    by The Boy Holty

    Bury FC have just announced that left back Joe Skarz has joined Rotherham United on loan for the rest of the season. If this isn't an admissinon of defeat in the relegation battle, then I don't know what is. Surely this will be officially for financial reasons but Skarz is one of our best, most reliable and consistent performers and has been for about three years.

    Who is going to play in that position now? Its madness.

    Any faith the Bury fans had in Blackwell must surely now have totally disappeared. I was giving him a chance but now I think he's lost it. League tow beckons - that must be a given now, and administration will happen too. Maybe the next move will be to go into administration this season so we don't have to take the ten points deduction next year - because that would lead us into non-league oblivion.

    What has happened to our club?