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    Bury 0 Sheffield United 2

    by The Boy Holty

    Once again Sheffield United came to Gigg Lane and left with all three points. Just like last season, they made it look pretty easy in the end.

    To be fair, Bury didn't look out of the game until the second goal, and after that the heads dropped and the match was lost in the players' minds so it was all over. Plus there were some pretty odd substitutions made, with Worrall coming on for Schumacher and then Healy making another pointless appearance late on. He really is quite extraordinarily rubbish at football - I've never seen anything quite like it.

    In the first hour though, no-one really played badly. It was a scrappy game with both sides getting stuck in physically. Sheffield had some decent players in their squad, with Dave Kitson showing some good intelligent play up front. Bury's only chance came in the second half, with Eastham getting on the end of a free kick but sticking it over the bar from close range. Other than that Carson made a couple of quite brilliant saves to keep us in it.

    So all in all we can't have any complaints about the result.

    Coventry on Saturday and Bury will need to put in a similar level of effort but with more inventiveness and creativity up front.