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    Should We Stay or Should We Go?

    by The Boy Holty

    Well we've reached the end of January and we're still in the bottom three. Kevin Blackwell has had 19 games to turn the team's fortunes round but as yet they're still unconvincing. However, he's a good manager, we know that and he has had his hands tied with the transfer embargo and I get the impression that the club's been a little less than truthful regarding the state of the club's finances.

    When Blackwell first joined Bury, I was cock-a-hoop, I thought it was a great appointment, but then as time went by I lost confidence and believed we were heading for league two and financial ruin. However, he did himself and the club a lot of good with the signings he made when the transfer ban was lifted. Nicky Ajose is exactly the sort of player and person we need. His history with the club lifts fans' spirits before he's even kicked a ball and we know what he can do. From his own point of view, he needs a kickstart and where better to do that than at the only club where he's performed consistently well and achieved anything? Ashley Eastham was a masterstroke, better than Ajose in my view. He's got a lot of quality and he knows the club. Our defence needs to cut out the mistakes, and he will help us do that. This fella Zubar, I don't know much about to be honest, but he wouldnt' be here if he couldn't help improve the side.

    I think we'll stay up - just, and if KB survives the summer, I'm sure he'll build us a team that will compete in this league next season.