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  • Crawley 3 Bury 2

    by The Boy Holty


    8:15am - train leaves Manchester Piccadilly.

    8:30am - begin drinking

    10:23am - arrive London Euston (that's right - just 2 hours later!)

    12:00pm - after much mucking about in that London, arrive at Crawley. Begin looking for a pub.

    12:01 - found a pub.

    12:30 - start looking for a decent pub as The Railway is a load of shit

    1:00 - What sort of place is this? Where are the pubs? Oh here's one. Had a couple of pints and some dinner.

    2:00 - met our mate Coxy who lives in Hove, got a lift to the ground. Another beer in the CTFC Social Club.

    3:00 - kick off. Bury struggle to get into the game and I don't think we manage a shot on goal in the first half. Just before half time and as Bury are getting a foothold and starting to put a little bit of pressure on, Crawley pick up a stray pass in midfield and fashion a cross which Nicky Adams smashes home. 1-0. Not happy.

    4:00 - Second half. Bish puts a good heading opportunity straight at the keeper. Crawley continue to dominate although Bury are now creating a few openings. We allow them to run right at us and their striker hits a shot which goes in at the near post. 2-0 and it looks like they should go on and thrash us.

    Out of pretty much nowhere, we get a cross in and Tom Hopper manages a cheeky header. Back of the net. 2-1. Could we get back into this?

    Yes. Three minutes later a sensational cross from the Bury right is met by Andy Bishop and suddenly its 2-2. We don't really deserve it but the tails are now up and there's only going to be one winner. We have a few more opportunities but can't get a third.

    In the 4th minute of injury time, Nicky Adams gets a cross in that sneaks in the top corner. If he meant it, then that was a phenomenal strike, but he didn't. Because he's a twat *.

    5:00 - a bit gutted but impressed with the Bury response. In truth we only played well for 20 minutes but in that time, Bury showed us all what they are capable of. yes I know its a quarter of the season gone and we only have 4 points, but there's time to pull it round and I think Blackwell will do it. Problem is we need to do it now.

    6:00 - Anyway, back to Coxy's house in Hove. Mucked around with his kids for a bit, had a brew and then set off into Brighton.

    First pub was an American Diner where we had reserved a seating pod with a pool table. Had some tea there and some beers and played some pool.

    After that it gets a bit hazy. We'd been on the sauce for 12 hours and I lost track a bit. Needless to say, more beer was drunk (as were we) and at about 2:00 am we found our way back to Hove, had some toast and crashed out.


    After being woken up by his daft kids, we all went to the beach and chilled for a bit. Then Coxy and his family buggered off, me and Tim went for a pint and some luncheon, then back on the train, underground, train again, Metrolink replacement bus, another replacement bus, car and here I am after what has been a great weekend and a bit of an adventure.

    The result was a minor disappointment (but you should never let the football get in the way of a good piss-up), as was the fact that I didn't pull in Brighton. There were loads of fit birds aswell. I must be losing my touch.

    * if Nicky Adams' lawyer is reading this, then Nicky Adams is not a twat. he's lovely.