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    Don't be blue, Peter

    by The Boy Holty

    I'm pretty confident that we've just seen the last game with Peter Shirtliff in charge. True Bury were up against a team of (I want to say 'thugs' but I'll refrain) very physically strong, well prepared and robust individuals and in fairness Preston will do very well this season, but they'll probably leave a trail of half maimed league one footballers in their wake.

    That said, Bury were utterly utterly shite in every respect, showing a total lack of invention, intelligence and guile from front to back. I think Skarz's goal was our first shot on target, maybe our first shot at all in the entire game and although Preston only managed a few themselves, they strolled through this game without having to exert any real pressure on us. The two goals they scored were more or less identical - a corner to the far post and a simple header. Boom. Goal. Simple. Stupid.

    I'm angry tonight. Usually I can take a defeat on the chin, but I've paid £19 to watch a shambles of a performance and I will be even more angry if I hear that on Monday morning at Gigg Lane, there's any activity taking place other than interviewing candidates for the manager's role because we need someone with experience and man-management skills to come in and shake the side up before we get stuck in the bottom six.