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  • Rangers can get stuffed

    by The Boy Holty

    Glasgow Rangers have once again proved that for the big clubs, greed comes a long long way before football.

    It has been suggested that they are proposing to buy Bury FC, move us to Glasgow and use us as a way of getting Rangers into the English Premier League.

    They would want to take over our league one programme which would see Bury,Rangers or Bury Rangers play Brentford at Ibrox on August 18th. this is clearly a ridiculous scenario and before long Bury FC would cease to exist.

    I have every confidence that those in charge at Gigg Lane will treat this with the contempt it deserves and will keep Bury in Bury and tell Rangers to sling their hook.

    They are not welcome at Gigg Lane or in the English League. They're Scottish and if the Scottish league isn't competitive enough for them well that's their problem.