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    Oh Happy Day!

    by The Boy Holty

    Its not MRE policy to really give much of a toss about what happens in the Permiershit, but today was simply sensational. Manchester City literally stole the Championship from Man United with TWO goals in injury time but the happiest news came from the Brittania Stadium where a 2-2 draw meant that Bolton were relegated from the premiershit.

    It all means that Match of the Day will be watchable next season and that Bury will be only one division behind the team we hate the most.

    Here's hoping that their 11 year run of good form is finally over and that they'll never be back. With over £110 million of debt, we're all praying that they 'do a Bradford' and in a few years everything will be back to normal.

    Football. Isn't it?. Marvellous.

    I should probably point out for legal reasons (so the bastard's lawyer doesn't start sending me snotty letters) that the photograph of a telly showing Sky Sports News was taken by photographic legend, Shakers enthusiast and fanny magnet extraordinaire Mr Philip Martin of Greenmount, Bury. Is that OK Phil?