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    by The Boy Holty

    Entering the Hillsborough Stadium for the first time is quite a breathtaking experience. It really is, at a first glance, quite a magnificent ground. It's also quite humbling being in the Leppings Lane End where, almost 23 years ago, 96 people died. Seeing the passageway you pass through in order to enter and exit the away end, it's easy to see how the whole horrible event must have come about.

    Anyway, back to this evening. When it comes to taking your seat, you realise that the ground was built thus: three great stands with fantastic views of the pitch for the home fans, and one shitty stand for the away fans with huge great posts and such a low position and a shallow incline that you can hardly see anything at all unless a dwarf is sitting in front of you and even then you had to counter the slope and undulations of the pitch further obscuring things.

    Having tried and tested about six different viewing positions, we eventually found one that didn't make John swear all the time and proceeded to the main event.

    Lowe and Jones were in the starting line-up for Sheffield Wednesday and Jones seemed to have a quiet game, although it was difficult to tell as the view was rubbish.

    After a quiet start, suddenly Lowe was to be found bearing down on our goal from nowhere. He squared it to a team-mate and boom! one nil. The half ended thus and it seemed a bit harsh on Bury who had done ok until that point.

    The second half was all about Bury's capitulation and Sheffield's superiority as one nil quickly became four, Lowe adding the fourth and celebrating with the home fans.

    The Bury fans, of whom there were a few hundred, had been singing his name before kick off and also when he was substituted. Both were acknowledged by the former Shakers legend who conducted himself with dignity throughout the game.

    We did score a consolation when Schumacher fired home through a crowd of players. This came a few moments after Elford-Alliyu (nickname 'Pan' apparently) had rattled the crossbar with a fantastic shot.

    'Pan' was one of the few players who did well. Amoo seemed largely disinterested and Hughes had a shocker. Bishop was typically ineffective and was replaced by Grella in the second half, who I really liked.

    So it's nine games without a win for Bury now and we must be looking over our shoulders at the bottom four. Another couple of wins should do it, but it's hard to see where those wins are going to come from. Carlisle away on Saturday and I'm not too confident about that one either.