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  • Richie Barker. Probably not going to lead England in this year's European Championships.

    Barker for England?

    by The Boy Holty

    Recent reports of the FA asking permission to speak to Richie Barker regarding the vacant England Head Coach position have been described as 'completely made up'.

    They were described thus by me, who made up the story in the first place and then swiftly denied it.

    This in itself has been described as a 'waste of time' by a source (me) and accusations have been made that I have too much time on my hands (which is true).

    So the good news is that Richie Barker is staying with Bury. No-one with any sense would rule out Barker for the England job sometime in the future, but not before he's guided Bury to the Premier league and won a couple of major European trophies, I shouldn't wonder.

    In other news, I've not been feeling very well lately so I've decided to stay at home today. However, in a move described as 'possibly quite foolish', I am going out getting leathered with Tim on Friday. Could be messy.