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  • Rochdale 3 Bury 0 (Again)

    by The Boy Holty

    For the second time this season, Bury were utterly trounced in our local derby by a Rochdale side that made us look almost as bad as they actually are.

    Their new manager, John Coleman must be thinking he's going to have an easy job keeping them in this division after Bury stood aside and allowed them to pass it round and through our static defence and non-existent midfield.

    From the start Bury simply did not seem interested at all and after a fairly even and uneventful first twenty minutes, Rochdale took the lead but I had gone for a wee so I missed it.

    Just before half time, the game was effectively over when the ball was given away on the flank and a simple cross resulted in a simple goal. At 2-0, unless there was going to be a spectacular improvement, the points were theirs.

    Indeed, ten minutes into the second half and a toothless Bury defence was easily unlocked again. Another weak challenge, another simple cross and it was 3-0.

    There's not much more to add, you could probably imagine if you weren't there but a 2000 strong away support was left feeling extremely let down by a shocking team effort.

    There were a few highlights though. When the Rochdale fans chanted "We can see you sneaking out", there was an immediate response from the away fans, "We can see you going down" which shows how clever and witty we are.

    So we were hammered by the bottom team in the division and our local rivals but we're still 11th and they're still in the relegation zone along with Chesterfield and Scunthorpe so it's not all that bad. Charlton away on Tuesday so that should be easy (for them).