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    Flitcroft Gone. Who is Next?

    by The Boy Holty

    Following that 3-1 win at MK Dons in September, David Flitcroft must have been feeling pretty pleased with himself. Six weeks later and he's out of a job having lost the next SEVEN consecutive matches and overseen an exit from the FA Cup. Some of those defeats were heavy and on Wednesday morning he was finally sacked in a move that will disappoint almost none of the Bury supporters.

    No-one likes to see a manager fail and a managerial sacking is embarrassing. Some come as a surprise, but the only thing surprising about this one was that it took so long to happen.

    If the chairman has learned anything from this then hopefully it will be not to get so close to his staff. It looks from the outside like their friendship gave the manager extra time, probably more than he deserved, but in the end enough was enough and football sense prevailed. Personally I still haven't forgiven the manager and players for the manner of the defeat against notlob, and now Flitcroft has gone, then in my mind that evening will be his lasting legacy.

    However, let's not forget that David Flitcroft did pretty well in the majority of his time at Bury. He took us from the lower part of league two and turned us into promotion challengers culminating in that fabulous day at Tranmere in May 2014 when we were elevated to league one.

    In league one he has taken us on winning runs, but each of these has been followed by losing runs of equal or greater length. He has shown that he has reached his level. It takes one or two decent players and some good organisation to get out of league two, but real brains and managerial knowledge to move to the next level and David Flitcroft proved he wasn't capable of that.

    The one thing I didn't like about him is that he is thick. His language, full of nonsensical manager speak, is at the grammatical level of a child. The fact that he is from b****n always meant that for me, I'd never like him as a person, but I would always give him a chance as a manager.

    Anyway, he's gone now, and with Chris Brass and Ryan Kidd in charge, Day's search for a successor to Flitcroft must be underway. Let's have a look at some of the possibilities.
    At the time of writing, the bookies favourite is Phil Neville. With obvious connections to the club, Phil and his brother are always mentioned whenever a managerial vacancy comes up at Gigg, but now Phil has coaching experience. On the negative side he's inexperienced in management plus there's the unwanted and unpleasant Manchester United connections, but he cares about the club and wouldn't allow financial instability to develop. Also he'd be standing under the Neville Neville stand for every home game and that should inspire him to great things.

    Karl Robinson would probably be my favourite. He had a long period of relative success at MK Dons and would probably bring Richie Barker with him as his assistant. He would bring good experience and I've always liked his attitude.

    Ryan Giggs I'm sure would be a disaster.

    Chris Brass isn't up to the job.

    Gary Caldwell could be an interesting choice as former Wigan manager.

    So who will it be? We'll have a look at the new man as soon as we hear who it is.