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    by The Boy Holty

    Well that wasn't quite what I had in mind when, for the last seventeen years, I was looking forward to the next league meeting at Gigg Lane between these sides.

    The atmosphere inside Gigg Lane was as good as I've seen it for years up until the first goal, with the 8007 crowd, which was around 3100 away supporters making lots of noise, and having some good exchange of insults.

    The game began and David Flitcroft had set us up in a 5-4-1 formation, no doubt with the hope of breaking up notlob's strong midfield, but James Vaughan on his own was as ineffectual as I've ever seen anyone in a Bury shirt. For starters, the wanky wanderers defenders are all about eight feet tall, and not only massive but competent so we might aswel have had my grandma up front.

    Thirteen minutes in, and a long punt downfield saw Zach Clough in a race with Niall Maher and it may have been a soft penalty decision, but if a defender makes contact with an attacker in the box, 99% of the time the forward is going to throw himself to the ground. That's exactly what happened, it is sadly as much a part of football as anything else we see, and Clough himself easily put the penalty away to put Bury behind and kill the atmosphere, at least in the home stands.

    About two minutes later, wankies midfielder Neil Danns provided a brilliant through pass for Clough to almost make it two after rounding the goalkeeper, only to have his shot stopped on the line by Maher. The problem there is that Danns plays for Bury these days - which he clearly forgot for most of the evening as he was more of an asset to the away side than us.

    Bury made a bit of an effort at the start of the second half, but then another challenge in the Bury box brought about another soft penalty decision and Clough made it 2-0. Game over.

    Then came some very odd substitutions as the likes of Etuhu and Tutte came on. What difference Flitcroft thought they would make I cannot begin to imagine, but he's quickly losing the faith of the Bury fans, most of which now would like him to go, and many were chanting for that last night.

    It is hard to admit this, but b****n were better than us in more or less every aspect. Their defenders were big, organised and could have handled Bury's attack in their sleep. Their midfield was strong and their attack potent. As a team they are strong and organised. Clough was always a danger, and Gary Madine alongside him was excellent. I would be surprised if they were not promoted on the strength of that performance. They looked many times better than league leaders Scunthorpe who came here a few weeks ago and beat us.

    It was easy for the home fans to blame the ref, but our defeat was nothing to do with that. Flitcroft set the team up wrong, made stupid substitutions, and tactically we looked hopeless, but the worst accusation I can make is this, the team did not look like they were up for it. There was no passion, no determination, they did nothing to lift the crowd. They went through the motions for 90 minutes and gave nothing extra.

    So I'm a bit disappointed in the cold light of day, though not as pissed off as I would have expected, so I must be growing up I guess.