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    Bring on the scum

    by The Boy Holty

    Oh sorry, fell asleep for a few months there. Well if anything can stir me from me slumber, it has to be this, the first league meeting between Bury and b****n since 1999. That means that 17 and a half years of pent up hatred is about to come streaming out.

    The atmosphere on Monday 24th October will be electric, at least until one of the teams scores.

    Notlob have always claimed not to care two hoots about Bury and to be fair they have had bigger fish to try for much of the last 20-odd years, but there's bound to be plenty of animosity going in both directions when the two sides meet next week.

    It has been an interesting season for both sides so far. Notlob won their first 4, then failed to win in 7, before putting together a winning run, currently standing at three. Standing in their way of making it four is the not so mighty Shakers who, after winning six on the bounce have turned that into 5 consecutive losses and have dropped from second to eighth.

    David Flitcroft is a man on the cusp of losing the support of his last remaining fan, and a home loss to that rabble from Horwich could signal the end for him. If we lose, I hope he goes just to highlight the shame of overseeing our first home defeat to wanky wanderers since 1929. Sadly for football, he still has the support of the chairman whose loyalty to the thick, fat b****n tosser blinds him to some alarming tactical deficiencies and general shitness.

    Still, if he leads us to an unlikely victory over those wankers, then we might give him a break.