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    A Ryan Lowe 200th career goal eclipses football, fighting and uselss police

    by The Boy Holty

    While the newspapers are talking about five minutes of trouble between the Millwall thugs and the Bury dickheads, the real talking point of this day was Ryan Lowe's goal for Bury which was his 200th career goal. Ryan Lowe has turned himself into a modern day Shakers hero and it was nice to see him grab his 200th at Gigg, and what a good goal it was too as he smashed home off the underside of the cross bar in first half injury time to give the Shakers a lifeline in this game.

    We lost 3-1, but it wasn't too bad a performance. In the first half we had some good chances and their keeper kept them in it, while their opener had an element of luck, aswell as one of poor defencing and goalkeeping as a 5th minute cross went straight in at the far post.

    Their second set them on their way and after Lowe had given us some hope, we started well in the second half, only for a late goal to finish us off. We were hardly second best in overall play but they did a few things better than us and in the end 1-3 feels harsh but they probably deserved a win, if we didn't deserve a defeat - if that makes any sense.

    Bury allegedly paid £20,000 for an army of policemen but at 2.55pm when most of the fans were in the ground, the police were all outside scratching their arses wondering where everyone had gone. Well that's when it kicked off.

    Someone ran onto the pitch and the stewards tackled him, and then the Millwall fans rushed the small fence and gate between the Manny Road End and the South Stand and the Bury dickheads did the same so for a few minutes it was a bit heated. The gate was being pushed open from the Millwall end and a dozen or so stewards did very well keeping them at bay - it could have been very nasty if they had broken through into the home end.

    The Millwall fans threw a plastic piece of fence over the gate and the Bury dickheads threw it back.

    Finally the police turned up. God knows where they had been or what they were doing, but they should be calling Bury FC today to apologise and offer some sort of compensation, because they utterly failed to do their job.

    There was a crowd of under 4000, so the cost of policing that game was more than £5 for everyone in attendance plus some more and I don't think the club got their money's worth.

    We expect the police to keep order and having them lining Manchester Road as if the Nazis were invading but then ignoring the fact that the best part of a thousand Millwall fans were a matter of a few feet from the home supporters displays a distinct lack of planning and care on their part. Of course they don't give a damn, they're on double time for all this at Bury FC's expense. It makes my blood boil seeing how badly the occasion was managed.

    Once the mini-storm had been quelled, the police got everyone in order and formed a barrier so none of the away fans could get anywhere near the home supporters which they should have done before a single Millwall fan entered the ground.

    Anyway I thought I'd take the kids for this one and I think they enjoyed the occasion. It was quite a feisty affair, although the result was disappointing. Millwall are third now and one hand it is amazing that a team who didn't look anything special can be doing so well, but on the other hand if we have aspirations to get promoted from this leage then on this evidence we don't need to improve much in order to achieve that.