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    Bury 0 Bradford 0 David Bowie 1

    by The Boy Holty

    I was going to write a lengthy match report today, but then the bloke on the radio told me this morning that David Bowie had died so I thought I'd write about him instead.

    David Bowie has been making cutting edge, inspired and inspirational music since before I was born. He was breaking down barriers and boundaries in 1966 and has never stopped since.

    Songs like Life on Mars?, Ziggy Stardust, Changes, Heroes - honestly I could go on all day - these songs changed my life and my perception of music. They made me want to play music and to write songs and for all my life I've been trying to write with the freedom and wisdom of Bowie, but like thousands of others, I have failed.

    Bowie was an innovator, a genius and his legacy will live on forever through his music. I don't think there's another famous person on the planet who's passing could make me as upset as I am today. I was just ruminating the other day about what an amazing writer he is - was, and now he's gone. I'm deeply moved, deeply sad and there will never ever be another songwriter like David Bowie. Bowie was the best.