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  • Matty Foulds to go to Everton

    by The Boy Holty

    There are rumours abound today that Everton are signing Matty Foulds. Its a shame that he didn't get to make an impact on the first team and make his name as a Bury player, also that we're doubtful to get anything like a fair amount for him, but you can't stop people progressing and if he's good enough for Everton now, and good enough for the Premier League in the future then he has to be given the chance to shine, and he'll probably get a better chance at Everton than at Bury, or most other Premier League clubs.

    Hopefully this will show everyone in Bury's youth system that the chances are there to be taken if they work hard, train hard and show the right attitude. This will also enable Bury to attract young kids to the club so all in all its a good thing for Bury and hopefully a good thing for Matty and for Everton too.