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  • Bury 0 Rochdale 0

    by The Boy Holty

    The Manchester Evening News referred to it as The M66 Derby, which is quite possibly the most depressing thing I've ever heard. If you're going to name it after a road, the A58 Derby might be more accurate although I prefer East Lancashire Derby or just good old Bury v Rochdale. You could even call it the Small Town In Heywood Derby for a bit of casual light-hearted self-mockery. Fortunately the match itself was very entertaining, for a goal-less draw and was more or less the story of two or three outstanding moments of goalkeeping brilliance, two from Dale's Josh Lillis, and one from Rob Lainton.

    The first of these was from Lillis, who made a fine double save when Leon Clarke and then Tom Soares seemed all but destined to open the scoring. Peter Vincenti then failed to test Lainton when he had a golden chance to smash it home.

    In the second half, things started to get a bit feisty and Rob Lainton made a fabulous point-blank save from a header, before Leon was about to convert a cross in the final ten minutes only for Lillis to match Lainton's earlier effort and maybe eclipse it.

    In the end there wasn't much else to report and for the first time this season, Bury failed to score.

    The crowd of almost 6500 contained a meagre 1500 away supporters which is quite pathetic, but means that there were 5000 home fans which is great support from the Shakers' fans (in other news, b****n took only 1800 fans to Burnley).

    There's been a great atmosphere at the last few home matches which make a very refreshing change from, well, the last twenty years or so to be honest. There are a number of young lads who bang a drum, wave flags, sing and chant and it makes for a happier Gigg. There are also a few decent new songs - I particularly like "Its the Bury boys making all the noise, everywhere we go. " Its a cracker that one.

    We're still fourth, which isn't a bad effort at all.