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    Bury 1 Port Vale 0 and Ramsbottom Festival

    by The Boy Holty

    While Bury were winning one nil against Port Vale and moving up to sixth in league one, those of us who have souls were sitting out in the sun, drinking beer and watching some great live music.

    Highlights included The Wonder Stuff, John Bramwell (of I Am Kloot), Mark Radcliffe's Galleon Blast (a bunch of middle aged men dressed as pirates singing raucous sea shanties), and The Proclaimers closing proceedings on Sunday night.

    It was all, as usual, rather marvellous.

    It was a mix of fabulous music, good local ale, and a safe place for the kids to charge about for the afternoon, all in a beautiful setting and a completely dickhead-free zone. The organisation of the whole event made the ill fated BL9 festival 'organisers' look more than a little bit silly. I'm so glad I didn't bother getting tickets for that.

    Its the only weekend of the year when going to Gigg lane isn't my first choice on a Saturday afternoon.