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    Nev Neville funeral takes place in Bury

    by The Boy Holty

    The funeral of Neville Neville has been taking place in Bury Parish Church this afternoon. Phil, Gary, Tracey and Jill were all there obviously, but there were many well known mourners like David Beckham, Ryan Giggs and Sam Allardyce in attendance to pay their last respects.

    The Bury FC offices, club shop and commercial departments were all closed today as staff were quite rightly given the afternoon off for a man who's importance to the club can not be understated.

    That said, he was more than just a hero to Bury fans, he was no doubt a much loved family man and while its sad that I'm here going on about Beckham and all that, his death was such a shock and this should have been an opportunity for his family, friends and acquaintances to say their goodbyes.

    Rest in peace Neville.

    I've blatantly nicked this photo off the Bury Times, so if asked to take it down I will.

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