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  • Bury 1 Leicester City 4

    by The Boy Holty

    We lost this one 2-1 in an 86 minute game but then it all got a bit silly after that. Leicester, second in the Premiership, made eleven changes from the side which played against Tottenham last Saturday but none of the men (or boys) who turned out against Bury would have looked out of place in the Championship. There really is some talent kicking about in the reserves of the Premier League.

    Anyway they scored one of the best goals I've ever seen at Gigg when England U19 international Joe Dodoo chipped the ball over Hussey and leathered a volley in off the crossbar. Shortly before half time their dominance was further reflected by a second goal and it looked like Bury would be in for a long hard night with several players such as Joe Riley and Hallam Hope clearly out of their depth.

    A Danny Mayor goal early in the second half sparkled a much improved period for Bury as we began to match them and we created a few chances, while keeping them quiet at the other end but with 4 minutes left, Dodoo broke clear. He was probably three yards off side and right on front of a linesman who unbelievably kept his flag down. Dodoo scored and then mayhem briefly ensued.

    The South Stand was in uproar!

    Now I don't know who organises the dickheads at Bury FC. Maybe they have a Facebook page facebook/burydickeads or something but they were all congregated in the East end of the South Stand right next to the Leicester fans. For 90% of the game they were shouting and cheering, banging a drum and supporting the team as you would expect (apart from booing Bury players for making occasional mistakes against Premier league opponents) but when it all started kicking off a large number of them ran down to the front to give the linesman the abuse they felt he deserved.

    True, he had made an appalling error and it had cost us any chance of winning this match, but the referee had to stop the game, pull the linesman away from the touchline and try to quell the situation. Even Bury defenders Peter Clarke and Nathan Cameron came over to the fans and were trying to calm them down, but the Bury fans were incensed and for the remaining five minutes of the game a few dozen of them ran up and down the touchline after the linesman, a great unruly crowd of unaccompanied children and young adults behaving like, well, twats.

    It was actually quite comical, but also embarrassing and rather sad as it all descended into farce.

    As four minutes of injury time were announced, and with the Bury players angry and distracted, Leicester scored a fourth to give the official final result an unfair edge. As far as I am concerned we lost 2-1.

    In the cold light of day, when everyone has calmed down, we can reflect on a battling performance against superior opposition. Their players showed real class. Some of their touch, control and passing was excellent and they showed why they are playing for a Premier League team, even in the reserves.

    At half time young Matty Foulds came on and he will have learnt more in that 45 minutes than he had in the previous six months at Carrington. He did well and deserves another crack at the first team. Craig Jones also returned to the first team which was nice to see. Still no Leon Clarke though.

    Its true that the big clubs get the decisions, and the linesman who made the error showed remarkable arrogance in failing to admit the error or to show any remorse. He just stood there like a baby rabbit in the headlights of a thousand or so cars. I hope he either fucks off and concentrates on his job as a trainee accountant or something or learns from it and becomes a better and wiser match official.

    Bury did well, but can now look forward to a proper big match on Saturday against Oldham, while Leicester can prepare for a League Cup third round match at home to West Ham.

    A crowd of just under 5000 were at Gigg last night, which is good, especially for a Tuesday.