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    Building a team of Clarkes

    by The Boy Holty

    Dave Flitcroft has been getting ready for the new season by making a couple of signings. In keeping with the new football league regulations that state that all members of any team must have the same surname, he's signed Peter Clarke and Leon Clarke.

    Peter Clarke is a central defender who played for Huddersfield and Blackpool (where he was captain) and at age 33 will be valuable for his experience aswell as his leadership. Peter Clarke has signed a two year deal.

    Slightly more interesting is the acquisition of Leon Clarke from Wolverhampton Wanderers on a three year deal after his release. He's a striker who has played much of his career at Championship level although he's had more loan spells than you've had hot dinners so that might not be such a good sign. Throughout his career he's scored 98 goals in 354 appearances which is an average of about 1 goal in every 3.5 games although his best goal-scoring return was 18 for Coventry and he's only managed double figures 3 times.

    You never quite know with strikers, you could get a renowned international striker who turns out to be David Healy and is a load of shit, or you can sign a fat bloke who looks useless but turns out to be Mark Carter and is awesome so we'll have to see with this one.