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    Free entry for all for re-arranged Southend game

    by The Boy Holty

    This is an interesting one. Bury have declared that entry to the re-arranged match against Southend on April 21st will be free of charge to everyone (home and away fans) and no vouchers or tickets need be produced.

    In one of their typically poorly written, badly spelt club statements that looks like it was penned by a child, they also went on to take another swipe at the fans, unnecessarily whining about some supporters who took more than one voucher when they were being handed out and then 'bragging about it on some social media outlets'.

    Honestly the club is so damn sensitive its scary. What is the point in even mentioning this? Why does it matter? The relationship between the club and fans isn't particularly good and comments like this do not help.

    Southend fans might feel aggrieved that there could well be a better than usual home support with entry being free, but no doubt they'll get their money back (and there's even mention of travel expenses being reimbursed).