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  • Bloody Hell Flitcroft!

    by The Boy Holty

    Bury have signed yet another b****n player on loan. After Hayden White, Joe Riley and Tom Eaves, we've now added Rob Holding to the squad.

    Hayden White I haven't actually seen play and might have gone back.

    Joe Riley is good but got sent off last weekend.

    Tom Eaves apparently hasn't scored in over a year and didn't look up to much against Northampton.

    Ignoring the unpleasant b****n connections, I can't see the sense in this signing. We have Nathan Cameron, Jim McNulty and Adam El-Abd who are all highly decent central defenders and this new lad's only 19, so its not like he's here to give us experience.

    That said, in Flicker we trust and he hasn't let us down yet. I think the mid season tinkering with the squad has been put down as a lesson learnt, so perhaps its cover for Riley (even though I'd happily play Craig Jones there myself) or maybe someone's carrying an injury.

    Up the Shakers (even the b****n players in a Bury shirt).