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    Rochdale is a Shit-hole

    by The Boy Holty

    French Rochdale midfielder Bastien Hery has said that the town of Rochdale is a dump (which it is). Although he now denies it, he said "Honestly, the place is an absolute dump. It's such a complete and utter shithole, that I actually live in Stockport, which is like Beirut, but still a million times nicer than Rochdale. If I do well here I hope to move to Bury someday." *

    Its a refreshing return to honesty for a footballer being interviewed and well worth the risk of someone throwing a brick through the window of his Fiat Uno on his next visit to the town.

    Rochdale Council responded by subjecting the poor boy to a tour of their slums and the BBC compounded his humiliation by filming it.The BBC news team then interviewed over a hundred local inbreds and none of them could say anything good about the place. One youth pointed out that it doesn't have a MacDonalds but that was the best compliment the place got all day.

    Bastien Hery is right. The place is a dump. I'd sooner live in Bolton.

    * he didn't really say that, but it was obviously what he was thinking.