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  • Chesterfield given a slap on the wrists

    by The Boy Holty

    Back in 2007, when Bury fielded an illegible player for the last ten minutes of a comfortable 3-1 away win at Chester City. The club confessed their mistake and were duly booted out of the competition. While this was a shameful incident in the club's history, we felt hard done by and in the intervening years we've watched bigger clubs receive light punishments for the same crime.

    Well its happened again. Chesterfield, who played an illegible player for the duration of their win at MK Dons have been asked to replay the tie, effectively giving them another opportunity to progress.

    A couple of years ago Bradford managed to get a re-instatement on appeal after they were expelled.

    A few years ago Droylsden were expelled because they broke the rules and weren't famous.

    It makes me fucking sick how bigger, more famous clubs get treated better than the small ones. Sometimes I hate this unfair and corrupt sport. Money talks and if you have none, you're not worth shit.