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    So Long Dougie, and Thanks for all the Shitness

    by The Boy Holty

    Today Bury fans are coming to terms with a devastating loss. B***n manager Dougie 'Agent' Freedman has been kicked out. Bury fans will miss the weekly 5 o-clock highlight on a Saturday which usually began or ended with 'b****n nil'.

    Here at MRE towers, we are all in tears, and really hope they appoint someone equally useless in his place. There's always the worry that they might decide to employ someone with some semblance of football knowledge, or even try to tempt our own manager away from Gigg (not that he'd be lured away to that rabble, despite being a local lad), but in Gartside we trust and his recent track-record of hiring utter mongs to the post of manager should give us no cause to worry. I think Sammy Lee's available, as is Kevin Blackwell. Wouldn't that be hilarious?