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    Fred Mason, Shakers hero has died

    by The Boy Holty

    Back in 2002, Bury Football Club were in trouble. The club were losing money and were losing football matches. At the time, with long standing chairman Terry Robinson having left his post, in stepped two dour-faced gentlemen who managed the crisis that the club found themselves in . The men were Fred Mason and John Smith (pictured, with Mason on the left). They oversaw the club go into administration and fight for survival. We shook buckets, we played friendlies and sold the seats in the stadium to football fans all around the UK and the world and through that process Bury FC survived. Although some our nearest neighbours still delight in referring to us as the Bucket Shakers, this only serves as a reminder that if it wasn't for men like Fred Mason there would be no club right now.

    Well Fred's dead, baby. Fred's dead. He passed away on Friday after a long illness. You know what's really great though? One of his last acts as a Bury fan (because that's what he was) was to be a special guest at the Burton Game and to name Nicky Adams as man of the match as the Shakers went top of the league.

    Fred Mason is a modern day Shakers hero and our thoughts are with his family. Rest in Peace Fred, you will never be forgotten.