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    Top of the League

    by The Boy Holty

    David Flitcroft described the performance as 'breathtaking', my mate John described it as 'Fuckin ace pal' and I described it as one I'd have liked to go to but no matter who we're playing, the Rammy Festival wins every time.

    So we won. By all accounts, Burton came with the intention of parking the bus in the first half and then no doubt hoping to catch us on the break in the second but Bury went two nil up fairly early on in the second so their plan was left looking a bit silly. Goals from Nardiello, Lowe and nards again pit us 3-0 up before Burton pulled one back late on.

    Here's a thing: Burton Albion, top of the league and playing the team in second place, brought 300 fans to Gigg. Three hundred. That's a disgrace. I imagine we'll take more than that to Exeter this coming weekend. 300 what a shocker. On the flip side of that, the crowd of 4536 meant that there were around 4200 home fans which is a great effort, even with me, Tim and Phil largin' it in a field in Ramsbottom and must give great hope to the chairman and board.

    We are top of the league. Pretty good that innit?