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    Transfer deadline passes (almost) without incident

    by The Boy Holty

    So I guess that's it then, David Flitcroft has his squad and barring a loanee here and there, this is most probably the squad which will take us to promotion in May 2015.

    The only last minute change was Andy Procter leaving by 'mutual consent', whatever that means. I suspect it wasn't so much mutual as Flitcroft saying to Procter, "I don't need you, I'm not going to use you, there's six hours left in the transfer window so nobody's likely to sign you apart from someone rubbish like Accrington Stanley if you're lucky. I say we cancel your contract." and Andy Procter not really having much say in the process at all, other than promising not to bring about an employment tribunal against the club.

    Procter did well in his time at Bury, scored against Cheltenham last season, and maybe once more, but certainly not many. As a midfielder I liked the way he played and the effort he put in so he leaves with our best wishes. He is, or was, studying to be a physiotherapist and was indeed quickly snapped up by Accrington Stanley (not sure if that's as player, coach, or physio). It can't be easy for a fairly average league two footballer who suddenly finds himself out of work at age 31, but he's a bright boy and he's given himself plenty of options so good luck to him.

    Next stop Wycombe. Let's go. Up the Shakers.