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  • Bury 0 Cheltenham Town 1

    by The Boy Holty

    Bury's season 2014/15 got off to a disappointing start as we lost at home to a fairly average Cheltenham side. Having not seen any of the pre-season games, I was informed early in the game that although we were unconvincing in the pre-season matches, what we were seeing on Saturday bore no resemblance to any of those performances.

    They looked disjointed and unorganised. Players seemed to lack any sort of desire or fluency in their play and the ball was given away too easily all over the park.

    A number of away supporters arrived 20 minutes late after their coach was delayed on the M6, but they didn't miss much and in fact arrived just in time to see Shwan Jalal make an impressive close range stop from a rare Cheltenham attack. Shortly afterwards, the ball was in the net but was disallowed for pushing, even though neither myself nor anyone around me could see any such infringement. The let off was short lived though, as Joe Hanks, an early substitute thrashed an excellent shot into the roof of the net and thus the only goal of the game had been scored.

    At half time, we commented that this is where Flicker earns his money. He's got the players but until that point they hadn't been playing. Could he inspire them during the break to improve and turn the game round?

    Yes and No. We improved for sure and for the majority of the second half, we had the opposition on the racks, but some poor approach play, good defending and fabulous goalkeeping from Trevor Carson kept the score at 1-0.

    And so it finished. The whistle blew, and the Bury fans trudged out of the ground while making their plans for Tuesday's trip to the Macaroni Stadium for a long overdue chance to give those fuckers up the road the thrashing they deserve.

    In the meantime, the debate begins as to why we've gone from league favourites to a miserable home defeat by an unimpressive Cheltenham team.

    I thought the players looked nervous, that the very fact that we are one of the favourites was weighing heavily on the team. You can always say that the new players take time to bed in, but they was only Shwan Jalal, Ryan Lowe and Nicky Adams who hadn't been at the club last season.

    Of the player performances, only Chris Hussey looked anything like impressive, tear-arseing up and down the wings with real enthusiasm. I don't like his hair though.

    Goalkeeper Jalal's distribution was poor. He just kept launching the ball downfield where Nardiello and Lowe would be out-jumped by the 6 foot plus centre halves. We need to work on our effectiveness from goal-kicks and all round ability to hold onto the ball.

    This was David Flitcrofts first home defeat as Bury manager, and he won't have liked it. I didn't like it although I was pleased with the second half showing. It was disappointing and we're all hoping we can take it out on those scum from up the road on Tuesday night.

    up the Shakers.