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    Well Done Rochdale

    by The Boy Holty

    All of us at (that's just me actually) would like to extend our (my) congratulations to Rochdale who have achieved promotion from League Two, After having to wait forty years for the last one, their fans have been treated to a second promotion in just four years.

    While many of our younger supporters will be unhappy at the elevation of our neighbours, old timers like myself couldn't really give a toss about Rochdale (its t'Wanky Wanderers that make my skin crawl) although its true I'll miss the cheap beer available in the town's hostelries next season and Bury FC will miss the additional revenue of the thousand or so spectators that they usually bring to Gigg.

    But this isn't about rivalry now, its about a small club with an undoubtedly tiny budget getting one over the so-called bigger clubs. At the start of the season, it was the money bags of Fleetwood and the hugely supported Portsmouth that were the favourites for promotion, while the shit clubs like Accrington, Morecambe and Rochdale weren't given a hope by the apparent experts. Of course they were right about Accrington and Morecambe, but Rochdale have shown that having financial recsources or huge crowds means nothing if you employ a muppet as a manager. Keith Hill, for all his critics may well come across as a bit of a knob from time to time, but he knows his shit (not to be confused with "he knows he's shit") and has lead Dale to a second promotion, thereby proving that the first one was no flash in the pan (not that anybody actually thought that of course). All we need now is John Coleman to come along and fuck it all up for them again, just for a laugh you understand, because when we can't laugh at Rochdale there's something seriously wrong with the world.

    Now its entirely possible that Rochdale might go one step further and get their grubby mits all over the league two championship trophy. If they do we'll have to ask them nicely to wash their hands before touching it and to take good care of it because this time next year, we'll be wanting it for ourselves. Last time they went up, we followed suit a year later and I'm fairly confident that the same will happen again.

    So let's not be stuck-in-the-mud about all this. Let's give our neighbours a hearty and deserved pat on the back. Congratulations Rochdale, you deserve your moment in the limelight. Promotions don't come along very often so enjoy it and we'll see you in league one soon.