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    Fail to Succeed?

    by The Boy Holty

    Our neighbours from just up the road look like they're marching towards a first ever championship trophy. Tuesday's emphatic victory over Portsmouth has left them two points clear at the top of the league, and nine points clear of fourth placed Fleetwood Town with just seven games to play.
    So fair play to Rochdale, they obviously deserve to be where they are. It shows that you don't need a massive budget to win this league, just a good manager who has been given time to get things right on and off the pitch. Hopefully, having a forward thinking chairman and a manager made from the same mould as Keith Hill, we'll be able to emulate their efforts pretty soon.
    I have to say it goes against the grain a little bit, not only to see them doing well, but to accept and even applaud them for it, but at least bolton and man united are having dreadful seasons so two out of three aint bad.
    As long as Rochdale keep beating the teams below us (as they have done in their last few games), then they have my blessing, but we'll be wanting that trophy off them next season.