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    Bury 2 Rochdale 4 - Time for some big changes Richie

    by The Boy Holty

    Bury showed no desire, no determination and no team spirit against a fairly ordinary looking Rochdale side. After fifteen minutes we were three nil down, then just after half time at 3-1, we gifted them probably the softest goal I have ever seen at Bury. Its indescribeable, you'll have to watch it on the highlights.

    Richie Barker has promised changes for Tuesday's game against Chesterfield.

    I want to see change of goalkeeper as Belford continues to make basic mistakes. He can't catch a ball at the moment and is clearly bereft of confidence. He needs a break and the team needs a keeper they can depend on.

    I want to see Picken dropped as his clanger was instrumental in their comedy fourth goal after which he was even worse than he had been all match.

    I want to see Sodje released to be quite honest. His utterly arrogant comment to the press about how we would definitely win was inexcusable for such an experienced professional. He did Steve Eyre's team talk for him and then played poorly. He was quite rightly mocked by the away fans from the start.

    Giles Coke looked unfit and fairly clueless and Shaun Harrad just looked unfit.

    Despite his goal, Bishop just isn't worth his place in the team. I'd give John Lewis a chance.

    I know we don't have the squad to just drop players but something needs to be done. I look forward to seeing the team selection for Tuesday's game.

    The only highlight of the game was Nicky Adams' sending off. He had been exceptional for Rochdale and was booked for removing his shirt after scoring and then booked for a challenge later on. When the ref reached for his pocket for his second booking, there was a great cheer and the best chant of 'Wanker, wanker' from the Bury fans that I have ever heard. Its a minor detail but gave us all a good laugh.