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    by The Boy Holty

    Shaun Harrad, Gareth Roberts, Marlon Jackson, Jessy Reindorf and Euan Holden have all had their contracts terminated and will not play for Bury again. Honestly, if most Bury fans could have picked five players they wanted to get rid of, 99% would have chosen these exact five.

    Shaun Harrad joined us about three years ago. he had a great track record for a few clubs especially Northampton for whom he had recently scored twice against Bury so it was one of those signings that seemed like a good idea at the time. However he never found his goalscoring touch for Bury and scored about five times in two seasons. He did spend a full season on loan at Cheltenham where he scored a few as the Robins reached the play offs, but he was believed to be one of the higher earners so its another step in the right direction for the new Shakers regime. Harrad has since signed for Alfreton Town, currently third in the conference.

    Gareth Roberts is another one who we are all glad to see the back of. Signed by Kevin Blackwell last summer and installed as captain, he quickly showed that Blackwell was full of crap. In his pre-season lecture at the Social Club he had talked about how every position had certain criteria; six foot goalkeepers, fast wingers, healthy, fit, injury-free players and full backs that could tear-arse up and down the pitch. Well Roberts at age 35 couldn't tear-arse anywhere if his life depended on it and was exposed on numerous occasions, costing us goal after goal after goal under Blackwell, who didn't appear able to see what the problem was. Maybe his other rule was never to drop your captain, who knows? I think Roberts playing career is probably over after this disastrous few months for him.

    Marlon Jackson was also signed by Blackwell in the summer and scored once, to my memory, in the Accrington win. He always seemed a bright and polite chap but looked somewhere between disturbed and confused when Bury's moronic post match interviewer started throwing in some Michael Jackson quotes in his post-goal interview. Poor fella had no idea what was going on there. He wasn't much good though, and didn't feature in many Bury matches but leaves with our good wishes.

    Ah, 'Big' Jessy Riendorf! Who could forget the giant Rwandan's goal at Norwich? I was privileged to be present at Carrow Road that evening and it was a moment which will live long in the memory. He had achieved cult status even before he played for Bury ("If Jessy scores, we're on the pitch!" - he DID score and no-one ran on the pitch though) and like other cult heroes such as Lenny John-Lewis, he wasn't actually any good and although he scored in our next game, a 4-1 win over Cheltenham he was quicly frozen out of the side and he departure won't cause any tears at Gigg and he'll probably go and play abroad I should think.

    American Euan Holden was one of only about five players remaining from last season and despite being a centre-half by trade, Blackwell pushed him into midfield for the opening game of the current season. Despite a 2-0 home defeat to Chesterfield he played well enough to get four of five games before being replaced. He hasn't played since I don't think but I expect he'll find himself a new club soon.

    So the squad is looking more like Flitcroft's squad, and its looking better. Up[ the Shakers