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    News Item: Hi. Its been a bit quiet round here lately so I thought I'd post an update of some of the activity since the end of last season.

    A creditable 14th place finish didn't seem too shabby at all considering it was our first season in league one although being 3rd in October and suffering about a dozen consecu . . .

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    Euro 2016 [6]

    Its no secret who's the top dog in and around the home nations football teams. Its clearly Eng... what, WALES?

    Wales could teach our overpaid, over-hyped, namby pamby group of useless group of ponces a thing or two about team spirit, togetherness and desire. If Leicester City have tau...

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    On September 28, 2016, Its Football Jim wrote

    Rochdale v Bolton

    Are we neutral on this one or do the older rivalries with Notlob take precedence, and we cheer on Dale? Did I really say that? Anyway when was the last time Dale beat Notlob in a league match?

    As for Bury, another great win last night with lots of goals going in. Good performance by ...